About the Artist

Artist Bio

Janice ‘Jujube’ Jacinto is a self-taught artist born in the Philippines and now living downtown, Vancouver, B.C. Her earliest imagination in art began with Q-tips, paint and crayons. Also, living in Brunei inspired Jujube's love of nature, wildlife and adventure. In the early 90s, her family migrated to Vancouver, B.C. for opportunities in work and education. Confronted with trauma, Jujube would gravitate to art as a form of refuge.

The magic of her process provides her with such a sense of wellness and relief from the everyday noise in her mind. She draws her inspiration from children's picture books such as Aesop’s Fables, I Spy, and Search & Find books as a child.  From Vancouver to Los Angeles and back, she has also witnessed other individuals' own struggles and nightmares. She understands the courage and conviction it takes for one person's light to shine onto another. Her healing through creativity has taught her to embrace both the tragedies and joys of life. Her voice in art flows unabated despite any of life's challenges. Jujube is more than ready to inspire others to dream.